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KM-A Semi Blow Molding Machine
KM-A Semi Blow Molding Machine, to meet the customer’s different request,
we have two types,
KM-A1, One Main Machine and One heating machine, with capacity 1100-1500 BPH;
KM-A2, Two Main Machine and One heating machine, with capacity 2200-2600 BPH.
The production process ( PET Stretch Blow Technology)  
Preform Injection Molding →Put Preform into oven by hand →heating the preform(temperature adjustment)→Take out the preform into main machine→Stretch Blowing →Take out the bottle→ Inspection.

Pre-blow→ Stretch→ Blowing → Molding.
Technology Parameters  
Spec KM-A1 KM-A2
Bottle Max. Bottle volume ml 2L 2L
center distance mm 130 130
Max.neck outer diameter mm 50 50
Max.body diameter mm 120 120
Max.bottle Height mm 280 320
Cavity No.   2 2
Output BPH 1100-1500 2200-2600
Installed capacity Kw 18 18
Max. heating power Kw 12 14
Air compression Operating pressure Mpa 0.8 0.8
Low pressure oxygen consumption M3/min 0.8 0.8
Blowing pressure Mpa 3.0 3.0
High pressure oxygen consumption M3/min 1.1 1.0
Chiller Pressure Mpa 0.3-0.5 0.3-0.5
Temperature 12-18 12-18
Flow L/min 30 30
Machine dimension(L*W*H) m 2.5X0.8X1.4 2.5X0.8X1.70
Weight Kg 1.0 t 1.2 t
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